Panamericana ‘96 Graphic Design

In 1996 Rico Lins developed marketing materials for the International Congress of Graphic Design sponsored by the school with the theme “Local vs. Global”. Lins was creative director for the event and for the whole communications campaign which brought together eighteen designers, Brazilians and members of AGI-USA.


Escola Panamericana de Artes

Created in

São Paulo, 1996


Poster + Editorial + Promotional

The creative concept emphasizes the plurality of expression in graphic design and included posters, catalogs, programs, folders, advertising campaigns for radio, animated TV commercials and advertising for magazines and newspapers. Each guest designer created a poster for the event. In the catalog-invitation, the dimensions of the modular system allowed for zero paper waste and was the basis of formatting for the entire project. The catalog is composed of loose sheets with a portfolio and biographical notes for each participant.

This work was part of the 4th Biennial of Design in 1998.
Creative Director: Rico Lins.
Design and art direction:
Rico Lins. Photography: Fabio Ribeiro.
Graphic production: Ricardo Aiello.
Agency: W/Brasil, São Paulo.