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Natura Language

Rico Lins +Studio thinks of design as a tool for identity construction. The Natura Language project, a set of guidelines to define a creative course for the brand’s visual identity, was developed in 2003 and 2004 in conjunction with Thymus Branding and is a good example of this approach.




São Paulo, 2003-04



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Essence, beliefs and values have become better expressed, bringing ethical attributes and brand awareness closer to diverse publics as well as integrating tools and communication actions.

Workshops were held for training and alignment with suppliers, partners, collaborators and managers of internal and external communication in addition to workshops for photographers, designers, journalists, architects, advertising agencies and strategic brand-language committees.

The foundations laid by the publication Natura Language are being implemented since 2004 in brand communication, advertising campaigns, institutional materials, events, relationship actions and new products in markets where Natura operates.

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An example of these proposals can be seen in the communication materials for points of sale for the Natura Ekos France product line: a series of four posters introduced the product to the French consumer, identifying active principles, ingredients, the production process, including local social and cultural references. Printed on recycled paper, these posters would be reutilized in packaging and product presentation.

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