The editorial project “Tropicália: ou Panis et Circencis”, idealized by Ana de Oliveira, and graphic concept of + Studio, invites brazilian thinkers and artists to reinterpret, through articles and illustrations, the songs of the 1968`s homonymous musical album.
Jorge Mautner, Hermano Vianna, Viviane Mosé, Antônio Risério, Aguilar, Bené Fonteles, Bráulio Tavares, Christopher Dunn, Frederico Coelho, Manuel da Costa Pinto, Newton Cannito e Noemi Jaffe sign rehearsals with theoretical considerations or poetic-philosophical inflections about the songs.

Created in

São Paulo, 2010



Musical works have also been translated into languages ​​of visual arts in works created by Guto Lacaz, Gringo Cardia, Barros Lenora, André Vallias, Aguilar, Krenak, Ernane Cortat, Ray Vianna, Leandro Feigenblatt, Nelson Provazi, Adriana Ferla, Rico Lins and the international art collective assume vivid astro focus.

Each of the 12 tracks was granted an article and a poster, seeking to reveal new meanings awaken by the lyrics and melodies of this anthology Disc Jockey manifesto, collective work of Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Mutantes, Tom Zé, Torquato Neto, Capinam and conductor and arranger Rogério Duprat.
All copies of the book come in a semi-transparent box, accompanied by posters, whose dimensions are 93cmx62cm. At the launch event, open to the general public, posters were enlarged especially for the occasion.

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"(…) This book is a reflection on the disco-manifesto Tropicália, but also a reflection of what he sowed. The different approaches, styles, views and graphic creations from its twelve songs, illustrate, in its diverse mosaic, how those achievements embodied in our cultural reality the spirit of invention, mixing, of vital affirmation of our potential.The Panis et Circensis was just the beginning. "

Arnaldo Antunes