The Faces of Racism Revealed

Poster created in 2011 for the exhibition “Masterpieces: The Faces of Racism Revealed” at the 2nd Poster Festival of Llubjlana, Slovenia. With the participation of a hundred guests designers.


Poster Festival Ljubljana ‘11

Created in

São Paulo, 2011



The Biennial of Ljubljana, stands as one of the most important international events around the contemporary poster and promotes each issue a thematic exhibition for invited designers (like Alain Le Quernec, Pierre Bernard, Vladimir Chaika, Seymour Chwast, Istvan Orosz, r2, Uwe Loesch, Bruno Monguzzi, Paula Scher, Mirco Ilic, Alejandro Magallanes, Michel Batory, Fons Hickmannn, Niklaus Troxler among others).

Radko Mladic, Serbian exterminator known for its “ethnic cleansing” and responsible for the biggest exterminations in Europe since Nazism was arrested near the date of the festival and sent to the Hague Tribunal to be tried for crimes against humanity.