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Povo Brasileiro

Povo Brasileiro (Brazilian People) is a fundamental work for educators, students and all those interested in knowing more about our country. Based on the masterpiece of anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro (1913-1997) who was one of the greatest Brazilian intellectuals of the twentieth century, is divided into 10 episodes, in which the author answers the question “who are the Brazilians?”, investigating the formation of our people.


TV Cultura +  GNT + Fundar


Brasil, 2000



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Directed by Isa Grinspum Ferraz and co-produced by Super Movies, TV Cultura, GNT and FUNDAR, the series features appearances by Chico Buarque, Tom Zé, Antonio Candido, Aziz Ab’Saber, Paulo Vanzolini, Gilberto Gil, Hermano Vianna, Luiz Melodia, among other personalities and renowned intellectuals. With images shot in Brazil, rare archival material and interviews.
With art direction and animations of the series signed by Rico Lins, the openings of each episode were carried out in partnership with the artist Siron Franco.

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