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In the spirit of the previous catalog, the Almanac of the Senses, prepared for the spring-summer collection 1997- 98, combines garments from the collection with games, tests, trivia, recipes and the work of artists, photographers and poets, freely associated with the five senses. This kind of exploration of resources and the design solutions proposed have become a benchmark in the editorial market.




São Paulo, 1997-98



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  • The Art Directors Club of New York
  • Society of Publication Designers (SPD), New York
  • Brazil Makes Design Award, São Paulo/Milan.

The project was reproduced in several specialized publications such as Graphis Magazine and First Choice.

This work was part of the 4th Biennial of Design in 1998.
Creative Director: Rico Lins, Carlos Nader, Paulo Borges, Graça Cabral and Denise Basso.
Text direction: Carlos Nader.
Design: Rico Lins +Studio.
Art Director: Rico Lins.
Graphic project: Rico Lins, Monique Schenkels.
Photography: Willy Biondani, Fernando Laszlo.
Graphic production: Jairo da Rocha.

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