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Rico Lins +Studio created visual identity for Língua Geral, a publisher specialized in the Portuguese-language literature of Brazil, Portugal and Africa. The identity project includes the publisher’s logo, seals and graphic designs for the collection as well as art direction and design for book covers and promotional materials.


Editora Língua Geral


Rio de Janeiro, 2006-07


Identity + Editorial

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The design of the collection, whose purpose is to reveal new voices and little-known Portuguese-language authors found inspiration in Moleskine-style travel diaries with an elastic band. The graphic project aimed to bring these authors closer to the Brazilian public by making use of bright pure color and unusual cover photos in the “travel diary” format. In addition to literary qualities, one of the project’s goals was to add value to the books as graphic objects; the elastic was eventually eliminated to better adapt the collection to market conditions. To counterbalance, the collection began to use color photos, working with a portfolio of Brazilian, Portuguese and African photographers.

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