Promo +Studio

This promotional piece for Rico Lins +Studio was conceived and developed entirely from the use of printed sheets left over from the second fashion catalog produced for Zoomp in 1997.


Rico Lins +Studio

Created in

São Paulo, 1998



The decision to explore the visual qualities of recycled materials transformed the byproduct of one project into the main piece of +Studio’s relationship material, allying three of Lins’ greatest distinguishing features: excellence in graphic design, boldness of creative concepts and low cost. By integrating concept, production system and distribution, Rico Lins points to promotional communications solutions that go beyond the presentation of a portfolio. The re-utilization of graphic material for this purpose was innovative as process and as creative attitude at the time of its production and merited the ADG award in the 4th Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design.

The folder was printed in blank areas on the sheets ensuring full utilization of scraps and machine entries and used the same inks and finishing as the source material. The envelope was made 100% from sheets left from color matching and cleaning printing rollers. The production processes for these materials were reduced to cutting, folding and gluing. By taking full advantage of trimmings and finishing, there was no additional consumption of paper and printing.

The high quality printing and the options for editing the material chosen for the folder, along with the large and unusual variety of envelopes that resulted from the process, have created a highly durable system which generates impact, curiosity and empathy in the target public. With exceedingly low environmental impact in production as well as in transportation or distribution, this solution has combined low cost and high reclamation of materials, all perceived as positive differentials by clients.