Guri Project

In 2006, Rico Lins was invited to redesign the brand for Guri Project, an organization that promotes the social inclusion of underprivileged children and teenagers though music education. The brand’s values were repositioned and an institutional communications project developed by +Studio defined the visual identity system and the design of promotional materials, website, uniforms, typographical families, etc.


Projeto Guri

Created in

São Paulo, 2006-07



The new system, introduced to the internal public in an alignment workshop, is self-sustainable, flexible and inclusive, and can be adjusted and applied according to the needs and possibilities of each of the more than 400 units in São Paulo state. This flexibility allows users to combine the logo with different illustrations that reference the activities and actions of the Guri Project in its various publics.

This system and the guidelines for its use were made available to collaborators on the Guri Project extranet and it can be updated online. In addition to the brand concept, the visual identity manual contains examples of all materials for dissemination, promotion and signage, including clear instructions for use of color along with two families of typographic vignettes that allude to music and the community and are organized as dingbats.