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The Museu da Casa Brasileira is a center of refereance in the field of architecture and design. Created in 1970, it stands out nationally and internationally in these areas by promoting programs such as MCB Design Prize.


Museu da Casa Brasileira


São Paulo, 2015


Identity + Signaling

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Among the activities of the MCB, there are temporary exhibitions and an agenda based on debates, lectures and publications on various topics such as urban planning, housing, creative economy, urban mobility and sustainability beyond the music project in MCB, which brings free musical performances in the mornings Sunday. Taken together, these actions bring to the MCB 100,000 annual visitors.

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Developed by Rico Lins + Studio, the new visual identity is part of the process of restructuring  the communication area of the museum- which involved the development and expansion of channels of communication and interaction with your audience. Pursuing on the institutional position of the MCB, the project aims to enhance the perception of the institution forward its multiple audiences. The goal is to update graphically and set a standard visual identity that guarantees recognition and systematizing the visual elements that characterize the MCB.

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The new visual communication includes visual identity and signage, typographical definition and color palette to institutional materials, its implementation is being done in stages. Full deployment is scheduled for 2016.

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