Atlax – guia cultural de São Paulo

São Paulo gained a bilingual publication at its height when it turned 465 years old. With nearly 400 pages and over 500 cataloged locations and events, ATLAX has more than 300 images from 84 photographers, presenting a new concept of cultural guide dedicated entirely to the metropolis. ATLAX reveals the plurality of São Paulo based on new possibilities for unusual thematic combinations and crossings. Without ready-made scripts, it opens up possibilities for each reader to decide their own destiny.


Editora Livre

Created in

São Paulo, 2018



More than a functional project, the publication in the concept-book style presents a new concept of cultural guide. It is an exquisite project that makes a contemporary portrait of São Paulo, a current and comprehensive record of the capital.

Conceived by Ricardo Feldman, the exquisite publication has a graphic design by Rico Lins.

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