The Lacanian Center for the Investigation of Anxiety (Clin-a) is an institute affiliated to the Freudian Field dedicated to the teaching, epistemic study and investigation and clinic of Lacanian-oriented psychoanalysis. Based in the city of São Paulo, Clin-a has several activities, such as courses, research centers, seminars, as well as events and study groups.


Clin-a – Lacanian Center for the Investigation of Anxiety

Created in

São Paulo, 2021


Identity + Editorial + Web

Rico Lins +Studio developed the redesign of the Institute’s visual identity, including their new logo and the repositioning of its digital and printed institutional communication — from the website to the academic magazine Entrevários. Keeping the original chromatic identity, the project is an evolution of the previous logo, incorporating the hyphen as an element that integrates the idea of connection to the notion of extraction, highlighting the letter “a”, a fundamental element of the brand concept.

As the central tool of communication with their various audiences, the website updates and emphasizes the visual identity by implementing functionalities and a broader access to the contents, enhancing Clin-a’s presence in the digital environment. To view its application, please check

Revista Entrevários

Entrevários magazine is a publication that includes new articles, conferences, translations, interviews and reviews related to the clinic, teaching and research of Lacanian-oriented psychoanalysis. As an important tool of communication of the Institute, the magazine reinforces the brand design in a new graphic project that integrates its identity with the periodic issues.