No Words Posters

Rico Lins and about 100 renowned designers were invited to participate in the book No Words Posters Armando Milani, among them Milton Glaser, Stefan Sagmaister, Alain le Quernec, Uwe Loesh, Niklaus Troxler and Isidro Ferrer.


There are posters where there is no shadow of doubt, regardless of verbal messages. For more sophisticated and ambiguous that the image articulation can be — and the mastery of graphic language — inks, shapes and colors take possession of the generous paper surface that receives them, leaving a definitive, irreversible mark.

Always impressed me the ability that the poster has to work with so many issues in synthetic and personal ways, where the artist’s style is not felt as a trap but as something that frees . This reflection confronts us with what I consider one of the main challenges and consequently creative stimuli: the balance between freedom and limits.

I think it is that friction that generates the great energy of the poster and what makes it so universal: to show that with a few notes one can make a symphony.

Rico Lins

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Rico Lins interview for the book LUST

LUST – A Traveling Art Journal of Graphic Designers is a project created by the new yorker James Victore for the Rockport Publications to which he invited a number of colleagues. We all dream of high-paying, high-profile jobs and crave for more creativity in our work. “Lust” is a peek into what is possible when designers are allowed to pursue this dream. Rico Lins is Brazilian designer who present in this work. Follow the short interview in which the designer talks about his project:

Inspirations for this project?
My love in traveling, in building connections and in getting in touch with things i’m not familiar with.

How does passion play a part in your work?
When i am doing something i love i am totally on it. In most projects i jump into i’m driven by challenge, curiosity, fantasy, seduction and an intense exchange.3.

Do you love what you do?
I love what i do and wish i would only do what i love

Are you a dreamer?
Without dreams it would be a nightmare!

How big a role do found objects play in you work/inspiration?
When i do a collage they what i found is physically essential in all levels. FOR All sorts of projects and in a more abstract way all gathered fragments of my personal experience and repertoire, what i catch from everyday life and from peoples attitudes are among my most powerful creative sources.