The Xilograffiti project takes place at Sesc Consolação in São Paulo and is dedicated to the various forms of urban art and their modes of production. A dynamic project, in addition to bringing together works by artists from various origins and regions of Brazil, it encourages public participation, which has access to numerous graphic equipment and free workshops conducted by the exhibitors. Covering different techniques and languages, it presents from woodcut to stamp, from experimental typography to cordel literature, from graffiti to stencil — and the countless and creative combinations between them.

Conceived by Baixo Ribeiro, the project had the participation of Rico Lins in the graphic design and visual identity as well as in the series of workshops on aspects of the central theme: print, word, image and scale. +Studio was also responsible for creating the reproduction matrices printed by the various graphic devices, developed by the Elástica studio, for public experimentation.


Sesc SP

Created in

São Paulo, 2022


Exhibition + Identity