Theatro São Pedro

Opened in 1917, the Theatro São Pedro is one of the few remaining assets of a generation of concert halls that flourished in the late nineteenth and the early twentieth century, both in São Paulo and in other urban centers of Brazil and Latin America, with an intense program of theater, film and music.


Theatro São Pedro

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São Paulo, 2014-2016


Poster + Editorial

2016 Season

2015 Season

With public diversified goer, includes representatives from the high society gala presentations to young people from the neighborhood who came behind the promotional tickets. Unfortunately spaces like this could not resist the transformations undergone by the city, and Theatro São Pedro remained as important music broadcasting hub in the city.

By the turn of the millennium was finally restored and put into continuous operation, housing the State Symphony Orchestra of Sao Paulo and finding their great vocation: the opera. Cozy and intimate, is a theater whose dimensions provide a privileged acoustics, which accommodates pretty well an orchestra, and blooming in all their potential when staged here is a lyrical assembly.
In the period preceding celebrations of 100 years of the Theatro São Pedro, Instituto Pensarte, theater manager, entrusted the Rico Lins + Studio of redefining the communication of their extensive program aimed at customer loyalty and broaden its audience.

Featured opera programs of the season in 2015.