Sesc Agenda

SESC SP Institutional Kit, distributed annually to its employees, is composed of a set of graphic pieces illustrated with works of great cultural value.


Sesc SP

Created in

São Paulo, 2012-17




The 2017 calendar celebrates the work of Brazilian artist and engraver Evandro Carlos Jardim.

The delicacy of the lines, the simplicity of the themes and the strength of his ideas gain evidence in the graphic design developed by Rico Lins + Studio. The cover in copper color refers to the metal plates used in the engravings which, together with the other elements of the agenda, bring the project closer to the artist’s work.


The work of well-known São Paulo photographer Cristiano Mascaro was chosen to illustrate 2012 edition. The expressive character and monochrome tone of his photos were decisive for the choice of the graphic design of the material, developed by Rico Lins + Studio.

The only color present in the pieces is a saturated yellow that contrasts with the neutral tones of the images and most of the other formal elements, bringing a cadence balanced and thought-provoking at the same time.

This year, in addition to the traditional calendar and table calendar, the kit won a moleskin style notebook and a bag that protects the whole set. The agenda, however, received special treatment and added a unique address book, stickers with thumbnails of all the photographs depicted in the material and a commemorative card.

The graphic concept of the material was designed to adapt to different works of art that serve as a formal axis for the entire collection. Another peculiarity of the kit is the possibility of maintaining the list of contacts by allowing the highlight of the notebook to incorporate in the edition of the following year.

For the following years, the works of plastic artist, photojournalist and film director Miguel Rio Branco, consecrated plastic artist Tomie Ohtake (in commemoration of the artist’s 100th birthday), graphic designer Alexandre Wollner and teacher and artist Evandro Jardim .