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Rock in Rio

Posters created to honor the 30th anniversary of the Rock in Rio at the 5th ArtRio in September 2015. The exhibition, bringing together fifteen designers invited from Brazil, Europe and USA happened in the Pier Maua in Rio de Janeiro.




São Paulo, 2015



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ArtRio contribute actively to the success of the productive chain of art and also has a strong role of stimulator polo, supporting exhibitions, highlighting new galleries and training young artists and contributing to build an artistic legacy for the Brazilian public. Rock in Rio is a music festival that was first held in 1985, being since its creation, recognized as the world’s largest Latin music festival. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, it became a world level event and, in 2004, had its first edition abroad in Lisbon and later in Madrid and Las Vegas. Throughout its history, the Rock in Rio had 16 editions: six in Brazil, six in Portugal, three in Spain and one in the USA and is considered the eighth best festival in the world by the specialized site festivalfling.com.

For the typographical posters was used the experimental font Blind Beans, created by Rico Lins and Julieta Sobral.

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