Newsweek is the second largest weekly news magazine in the United States with worldwide circulation in editions for North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.


Newsweek Magazine

Created in

New York, 1993



The production of a publication this size requires not only sophisticated logistics but the simultaneous production of editorial material unique to the four markets while complying with deadlines set by the journalistic staff.

This context demands weekly creation of alternative cover options for the different editions whose closing deadlines must be strictly obeyed: the cover themes are defined in Tuesday afternoon and must be created, approved, edited and printed by dawn on Saturday to enable worldwide circulation on the weekend. Responding to this agenda, more than twenty different cover may be solicited per week.

Over the years he lived in New York, Rico Lins maintained a close relationship with Newsweek and Time magazines, working as an illustrator, designer or art director for articles or covers, some of them circulating exclusively in one of the four markets. The cover, published worldwide, celebrates interactivity as the Egg of Columbus in technology. The design and art direction carry Lins signature.

The visual solution for the digital egg which reflects only the hand and the magazine logo was elaborated in the finalising studio to emphasise the editorial nature of the image, situating the content explicitly within the context of the magazine cover.