My City Is Where I Am

Rico Lins was invited to participate in the “Better home city, better life” project for the World Expo in Shanghai, China. The posters created were exhibited in the gallery of the School of Fine Arts at Shanghai University. The project included workshops, exhibitions and forums between summer and autumn of 2010.


“Better home city, better life” poster project Xangai

Created in

São Paulo, 2010



There are places I remember/ All my life though some have changed


The parallel between the City and Man becomes evident as the viewer follows the course of the meridians in an anatomical map of the human body used in Chinese acupuncture. From London to Londrina, Crete to Crato, from New York to Nova Iguaçu, Lins created an imaginary journey through the body in which the body itself is simultaneously the passenger, the vehicle and a road map of urban memories.

Cities and bodies are living organisms that express and share some basic principles: flux, growth, rhythm, mobility, balance, capillary action, expansion, circulation, peripheral systems, etc. “My memory is my home, my heritage, my landscape. My city is where I am.”