Samba Museum

The Samba Museum is a non-profit cultural organization created to value and promote the culture of samba in all its manifestations and dimensions. Located at the foot of Mangueira – where the Cartola Cultural Center was located – the Museum launches a platform of community, local, national and international importance for valuing samba as culture, acting with memory, collection, safeguard, education and citizenship.

Rico Lins +Studio has been involved with the Museum since its foundation and is responsible for its visual identity, communication and graphic projects for exhibitions such as the “Ocupação 100 Anos do Samba” (Occupation 100 Years of Samba) opened on 8/8 of the centenary year of the launch of “Pelo telephone”, by Donga, the first recorded record of samba in 1917.


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Ocupação 100 Anos do Samba