Marilyn Mouse

Between 1987 and 1997 Rico Lins was a regular contributor to several editors of The New York Times, creating numerous editorial illustrations, vignettes and covers.


The New York Times

Created in

New York, 1992



Considered the leading North American daily newspaper, its production structure requires the presence of an art director and a specific editor for each section. Most of the work done was commissioned by the weekly Op-Ed Page, the literary supplement Book Review and the regular paper notebooks.

The collage, published highlighted on the cover of the Sunday Arts & Entertainment notebook combines American pop culture icons in a mask format. Mickey Mouse, Coca-Cola, blockbuster movies from Hollywood, the Marilyn Monroe of Andy Warhol and the dollar make up this hybrid figure, powerful synthesis of the entertainment industry.

Created by analogy, the production of these images was the result of a combination of various materials, media and processes. Photography, press clippings, photocopies, fax, everyday objects, commercial printing and design of traditional materials and office coexist in this work.

Art Direction: Linda Brewer