Mangues da Amazônia

Mangues da Amazônia (Amazon Mangroves) is a project of the Peabiru Institute, a social organization that aims to support the role of social groups in the Amazon to promote full access to their fundamental rights. It maintains an extensive program of socio-environmental actions and this project includes, through a network of researchers and scientists, from the recovery and conservation of mangroves to the training and awareness of the populations that live around the Marine Extractive Reserves on the northeast coast of the State of Pará.

+Studio was invited in 2021 to develop the project’s complete visual identity system that associates the ecosystem with the coastal communities. In addition to the logo, a series of communication materials, uniforms and a set of illustrations and animations were developed for diffusion in electronic media.


Peabiru Institute

Created in

São Paulo, 2021



The stylization of an anthropomorphic mangrove root carved in a piece of wood resulted in the icon that gave rise to the project’s identity, bringing the brand closer to the three main axes of this ecosystem: nature, man and culture. From this icon came the entire series of images created for the communication pieces of the project.

Color is a fundamental element in this visual identity project. The chromatic palette is the result of the colors of the mangrove swamp and signals the different areas of operation of the Mangues da Amazônia: recovery, environmental education, training, social actions, etc.


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