Limpa, Linda, Muda

The series of posters “Limpa, Linda, Muda” and “O Futuro: Adeus Pertences” were printed during the same day at Gráfica Fidalga during the exhibition “Manifesto Gráfico” at Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro ”, in São Paulo.

The first series is the result of a graphic comment resulting from the Cidade Linda project that was initiated in 2017 by the City Hall in order to continue the 2006 Clean City project. Both political actions suppressed graffiti on the city walls and drastically affected the production of street posters, causing the almost dismantling of some of the most traditional printing companies in São Paulo, including Gráfica Fidalga.

With the same intention and approach, the second series focuses on the process of dilapidation of public assets established at the federal level underway during the years of the Temer government.

Created in

São Paulo, 2017


Lambe-lambe + Poster

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