Bravo! magazine appeared in 1997 and proposed a combination of essays, articles and services in the field of culture. Rico Lins collaboration began with the first edition, alternating between covers and inside pages.


Editora d’Ávila

Created in

São Paulo, 1997-2000



As in his work for other publications, Lins chose not to rely on a single style but to pursue a graphic solution well-suited to each theme. This allowed him not only to guarantee variety of covers by using from collage to photography to illustration, but to experiment graphically, encouraged by the publication’s innovative graphic project. The covers reproduced on this page are among the best known.

In 1996 one of Lins’ covers for Bravo! won awards in the Brazil Makes Design exhibition and in the 3rd Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design, ADG. This work was exhibited in the 4th Biennial of Design in 1998.

Design: Rico Lins. Art Director: Noris Lima