XXI Bienal de São Paulo

Rico Lins participated (alongside Ikko Tanaka, Neville Brody and Roberto Sambonet) the jury that chosed the poster for the XX Biennial.


Fundação Bienal de São Paulo

Created in

São Paulo, 1991



Depicting a banana cut in half, patched with metal staples, the image generated a great controversy which has led, in the next edition, conducting a closed competition for invited designers.

This time, the curatorial axis of the XXI BISP was “The Man” and the winning design, created by Rico Lins, was composed triptych proposing the reading of three classic masculine sculptures. The Thinker, by Rodin, was printed in poster format and statues of Discobolus and Mercury, on postcards. The pre-production and the photo shoot made on analog format by the Spanish Alejandro Cabrera involved great deal of technical experimentation and unexpected results, such as the photo used in the winning poster and in the show catalog.

Invited by the magazine Guia das Artes to develop a visual material for the anniversary edition of the XXI Biennial, Rico Lins used images of the posters he have created to present the project ‘Totem e Tambor’, a reflection on creation, language and technology in the early expansion personal computers.