Design para todos?

The exhibition brings together twenty posters developed with the theme of the fifth edition of the BrazilianDesign Biennial – Design For All – carrying in its almost homonymous title a provocative question mark precisely to instigate reflection and questioning visitors about its relevance.

To contribute to a healthy diversity of views and visual language, twenty names of different generations and professional market segments were invited Being based in nine states of the country, what they all have in common is – besides the presence of praise in the current Brazilian design scenario, communication and arts – the ability to articulate a critical discourse through a piece, so concise, impactful and now increasingly multiplatform, such as a poster.

The development process of the posters included a Creative Workshop immersion held over three days in September 2014 at Il Bell Resort in Jurerê, Florianópolis, where the posters and the curators were able to discuss the different realities and needs of users of a design project in our contemporary society.

the result is a strong set of communication pieces that incorporates the same plurality evoked in many aspects and recipients of Design for All: to clarify, discomfort or inspire the visitors.

Good reflecting.

Bruno Porto e Rico Lins, Curators

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