Comunicação Institucional Goethe

The Goethe-Institut São Paulo had long felt the need to reformulate its visual communication to increase objectivity, consistency and unity in all of its communication with the public.


Goethe-Institut São Paulo

Created in

São Paulo, 2009-10


Identity + Signaling

+Studio started with the understanding that Goethe-Institut is influential in the dissemination and promotion of German culture in Brazil and proposed to develop a graphical language that would highlight personalities representative of German cinema, sports, music, architecture and other areas, ranging from the country’s earliest history to the present day.

The vectorization of iconic portraits of these personalities and the use of spot color, transparencies and overlays created a remarkable identity, easily recognized, while supporting a wide variety of uses in diverse media without the idea becoming repetitive. This permitted the same language to be adopted for visual communication within the physical space of the institute, for example, and in the layout of a folder for the cultural agenda.