TERRITORIOS is an exhibition about a methodology. Transposes to CRAB – Sebrae Center of Reference of Brazilian Crafts, in Rio de Janeiro, the work of five associations of artisans from Poço Redondo, Sítios Novos, Ilha do Ferro, Entremontes and Poço Verde, located in the States of Alagoas and Sergipe. Built from the research carried out by IPTI – Institute of Research in Technology and Innovation, TERRITORIOS impregnates the developed work with the dimension of time and rigor.


Rio de Janeiro, 2017


Exhibition + Visual Identity

General direction by Bia Lessa, production of Arlindo Hartz, architecture by Lucia Vaz Pato and curator by Renata Piazzalunga and graphic design by Rico Lins +Studio, in collaboration with Dinamo / Ao quadrado.

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