Big Brazil

Big Brazil

Rico Lins was invited to assume curatorship, creative direction and design of the first Brazilian edition of Big, an international magazine of style, art and behaviour.


Big Magazine


São Paulo, 1999



The decision to portray contemporary urban Brazilian cultural production with the collaboration of guest artists and designers confirmed the creative commitment of Rico Lins+Studio to the plurality of expression and diversity that make up Brazilian cultural identity.

On the cover, the halved fig is an unusual and provocative synthesis of some of the most recognized and identifiable Brazilian attributes: the exuberance of nature, the explicit sensuality and freedom in the use of color.

The invitation to the magazine’s launch party was packaged and mailed in nylon bags like those commonly used to package fruit. An example of internal pages is the article “Serial Kisser” about the “Kisser”, the folkloric character in Rio de Janeiro who gained notoriety for kissing celebrities.


  • Gold Medal of The Art Directors Club
  • Merit Award from the Society of Publication Designers (SPD), New York
  • Brazil Makes Design Award, São Paulo/Milan.

Assistant: Dag Rizzolo.
Collaborators: Fernando Laszlo, Monique Schenkels, Rafic Farah, Guto Lacaz, Luiz Stein, Gringo Cardia, Marcelo Tas, Fausto Fawcett, Waly Salomão, Carlos Nader, Fernanda Abreu, Braulio Tavares, Carla Caffé, Daniela Thomas, Guto Lins, Adriana Lins, Bebel Franco, Cássio Vasconcellos, Ana Marianni, Mario Cravo Neto, Seu Jorge, Geléia da Rocinha, Edson Meirelles, Antonio Sagesse, Klaus Mitteldorf, Tomas Lorente, Marcelo Serpa, Ale Gama e outros

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